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ΣΒΕΨΥΚΟΙ (Base Workers Union in the sector of mental health and social welfare)

We are workers that our workplaces are in the sectors of mental health, rehabilitation, special education and social welfare, i.e. In our union they participate workers who work in places such as: Private special education centres, training and rehabilitation (speech/psychological centres/physiotherapy/advisory centres), in special schools- KEDDY, NGOs, in rehabilitation structures, in psychiatric clinics, in day centres, in mental health centres, in psychiatric/psychological departments of hospitals and in the National Health System as workers with a fixed-time contract, indefinite-time contract under private law or workers under a project contract (SOX, COC), in medical and educational centres (public or private).

We decide and act only through our assembly in which we all participate equally without boards and presidencies. We fight against the degradation of our lives, for a fixed salary, insurance for all workers and workers, free access for all to health and education structures, recruitment of the necessary staff positions in every structure, collective work agreements, protection of the rights of users of mental health and social welfare structures and our goal is our organized presence in our workplaces.

The S.S.M. ( Labor Union of Waiters, Cooks and other workers in the food sector of Central Macedonia)

It was founded in Thessaloniki in 2010. In its years of operation the union has carried out, stood in solidarity and participated in labour struggles and claims for both its members and other colleagues. In the context of increased class competition, the SSM has participated in struggles and coordinations concerning wider labour issues outside the sector, strikes, movements concerning solidarity with migrants, has carried out interventions and events concerning public access to healthcare, housing, etc.

The Labor Union of Cook Waiters and other Food Workers is a grassroots union. This means that it operates through regular general assemblies, which are recognised as the only decision-making body and in which everyone participates equally and away from the logic of entrusting bureaucratic trade unionism, leaders and experts. It is open to all employees in the industry, except from bosses of course, managers, supervisors, fascists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes and those who try to draw votes or goodwill for their political party.

Campaign for the financial support of our labor unions

As grassroots unions we fight away from the patronizing and bureaucratic union of GSSE-ADEDY and we are part of the unmediated class struggle. The two unions are located at 7 Makryianni Street in Thessaloniki .Our main financial support comes from the subscriptions of our members and colleagues. During the pandemic and the strict measures our offices have remained closed which has made the payment of the rent and the operating costs more difficult. Especially now that our bosses are exploiting the pandemic in order to approve measures to make further profits on our backs all we have is class solidarity.

This campaign aims to raise the amount of 1100 euros to cover the operating costs of our offices in Makryianni 7 as well as legal expenses and operational costs.

0 % of € 1100

€ 0 reached in total

-580 days left