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We are a network of university Cut the Rent groups from across the UK who engage in radical and collective direct action such as rent strikes. We have fought and won some of the most successful housing campaigns since the 2008 financial crisis, and every year we gain more momentum.

Our objective is to make all housing affordable and democratically controlled. And together we will win. The future holds what we put in it today: be realistic, demand the impossible!

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Rent Strike



Renters are fighting back.
From mass student rent strikes to tenant unions like Acorn winning case after case against exploitative landlords, and the incredible abolishment of section 21, it's clear that renters are gaining power and momentum.

We want a future without landlords, without rent and with democratic control over our housing.
That’s why we, RENT STRIKE, a network of university Cut the Rent groups from across the country, have organised a Rent Strike weekender on July 13th-14th!

The weekender will be an amazing opportunity to build the momentum necessary for a mass housing campaign. attendees will get to meet housing and anti-gentrification activists from across the country and build solidarity, while we provide people with the all the skills necessary to start - and win! - their own rent strike campaigns and/or tenant unions!

We want to make this event as accessible as possible for everyone, especially those most affected by the housing crisis, to be able to make it and feel empowerment by this movement. That’s why we’re offering free registration, free meals (vegan, halal, kosher), free accommodation and childcare, subsidised travel, and a quiet space and prayer room, so that people can feel comfortable in the rent strike space.
The whole place is also wheelchair accessible.

But for this, we need funds!

Booking a space, getting food, funding travels and so on is expensive, but essential for our event.
This is why we’d be eternally grateful for your support in making this happen!


All the money that we'll be receiving will likely go towards subsidising people's travels. Any left over money will be spent on buying food for the day.

We want a renters movement that empowers those who have been the most exploited and marginalized by the current housing system.
We want to provide support for those who are usually unable to have a voice because of financial precarity, time constraints, unstable immigration situations, and disability.
This weekender will hopefully be the catalyst for a mass housing struggle that will win against landlords and radically change the future!

0% of €250

€ 0 reached in total

-1804 days left