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Ended 2019-01-31

About us

We as Internationalist Commune are the base of internationalist works in Rojava.
All the people and groups who want to understand and learn from the revolution here, who want to support and take a part in the civilian works come to us and give a lot of effort.

For more informations please check our homepage and other campaigns.

Further info

We want to spread the Revolution and make it possible for more people to understand what is happening here.

For this we need better technical equipment to improve our media work.
On the other side also the war against this revolution will go in a more intensive phase and we need to show the world what is going on.
For this we need more equipment and repair our old stuff.

Bellow we have a detailed list about the stuff we need and the costs.
Check it out and support us:

Computer 1.200 €
Nikon D3400 + AF-P 18-55VR 450 €
Camera bag
waterproof Antishock DSLR
SLR Camera Case Bag 16 €
Second Charger 100€
emory cards
miniSD Card 128 GB 34 €
Memory card 64 GB 100 €
Stands 30 €
Microphone 15 €
Voice Recorder
Philips Voice Tracer DVT 2710 75 €
Cable 5 €
External hard drive (for data backup) 55 €
Solar charger - USB 35 €

In Total 2115 €

0 % of € 2115

€ 0 reached in total

Ended 2019-01-31

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