Clean Up The City

First International Campaign for Reconstructing Kobanê

"We are not just resisting. We are also rebuilding a free society. Global solidarity makes an alternative, free, gender equal, ecological Society possible"


Kobanê needs to rebuild! The reconstruction cannot happen without removing the remnants of the war.

Removing the rubbles can help build a new foundation fir a new Kobanê and restart its recovery. Access to contruction machinery and equipment can not only help Kobanê to remove the debris but also be an important tool for follow up projects after the clean up.

No machinery means no clean up. No clean up means no reconstruction, no rehabilitation, no recovery, no healing for the community! The longer the city remains uncleared the higher the risks of injury and of communicable disease and illness.

The lengthier the reconstruction processes the less likely, or the longer it will take the refugees to return to Kobanê and the villages. The issue places significant strains on Kobanê and its capacity to have essential and skilled members of society return and participate in the reconstruction process.


The donations will help essential and urgently needed construction machinery and equipment to help celan up Kobanê and kick start the rebuilding process. The removal of post-war debris is not percieved as an urgent need by many NGOs, which is why the crowdfunding campaign is essential.

However, unless the large scale destruction is not cleared a number of safety hazards may continue for the community. Further, the failure to remove rubble and waste contributes to the slowdown of the rebuilding process itself

Despite the severe nature of destruction, thousands of civilians still remain within the city, many living in the destroyed buildings. the number of returning refugees to Kobanê also create an urgent need for international support, aid and materials required to begin immediate reconstruction.


The lack of reconstruction equipment reduces the capacity of Kobanê to implement its clean-up process and begin the reconstruction process in earnest.

The following areas were identified as barriers:

  • Construction materials
  • construction equipment
  • Equipment to remove rubbles and debria
  • Equipment for processing of rubbles and debria

Of these, the most urgent matter involved in the lack of apropriate equipment to remove rubble and debria as the cleaning process is heavily machine intensive.

If the cantons have the capacity to access its own machinery to engage in the cleaning process it will reduce its costs significantly. This will prevent the canton from facing an extremely expensive and costly cleaning process.

The current costs are unsustainable for a viable long term reconstruction process. The ownership of local equipment for a machine intensive reconstruction process will ensure that the canton controls the reconstruction process thereby promoting local ownership and autonomy.

The main objective of this project therefor is to allow Kobanê to purchase its own equipment and machinery and reduce it reliance on international aid and support


To achieve the projected outcome an increased capacity needs to be achieved.

This outcome is based on increased number of better equipment, machinery and labour power capacity so that the rate of reconstruction is increased significantly.

This is why this crowdfunding campaign is ESSENTIAL for not only kick starting the reconstruction, cleaning and rebuilding process. without this project all other future projects face significant delays.

If we reach the goal of this campaign a number of new projects in the area of health, education, women, environment, water, electricity, children and youth can commence.

Solidarity will rebuild Kobanê!