No Border Kitchen needs donations!

No Border Kitchen Lesvos

A picture of a food stand with tea, coffee and donation box. And a banner that says: SMASH BORDERS, SQUAT THE WORLD
Our food stand in Lesvos.

Help No Border Kitchen Lesvos to provide foodboxes, clothes and shoes. And assist victims of the far-reaching criminalization in Greece during court cases.

We have been active for 6 years, adapting our work to the ever-changing situation on the Island. Our core task at the moment is providing foodboxes on a weekly basis and providing clothes and shoes twice a month. We also do support some people with rent and assist victims of the far-reaching criminalization in Greece during court cases. We also use our social media ( twitter: @noborderkitchen, fb:, insta:@noborderkitchenlesbos ) to spread updates and information about the situation on the Island.

There are still around 1,500 refugees on the island of which about two hundred live in the city. It is important not to forget these people who are all trying in their own way to cope with the inhumane Greek asylum policy. In order to be able to continue our activities, we need donations.

Picture of one of our foodboxes
One of our foodboxes.

This is why we are asking for funds to continue our activities.

Of every euro we raise:

  • 50 cents to the provision of weekly food crates
  • 10 cents for gasoline and maintenance of our car
  • 20 cents goes to organizing activities such as clothing distribution and eating together
  • 20 cents to financial support (rent, small contribution, court cases) for some migrants to maintain a life outside the camp.

We are asking for €3000 because this would cover the above expenses for about one month. Anything above that would go into expenses for the month after, so don't hesitate to donate if we reach our €3000 goal.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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