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About No Border Kitchen Lesvos

We are a non-hierarchical/horizontal self-organized group of cooking activists from all over the world that share the aim of supporting people on their journey to Europe. NBK is a political project that rejects the border regime enforced by the governments of the European Union. We are in Lesbos because we believe that Fortress Europe and its borders must be destroyed.We are not here to assist the governments of Europe in management of 'refugee flow' and this is why we do not work officially together with non-governmental and humanitarian organizations. Anyone may join in the activities of the No-Border-Kitchen, with the proviso that you do so as an individual, not as a representative of an NGO or other organization. We reject the ongoing mobilization of massive resources for the purpose of controlling and restricting the way in which people are seeking refuge, the increasing militarization of our societies, the erection of new walls, the continuation of war and the political and economic system that needs war in order to reproduce itself. We want to fight the distinctions the state and media make between “good” and “bad” migrants based on whether they are “refugees” or “economic migrants”, “innocent victims” or “criminals”. We are not here as “volunteers” to fulfill a role of humanitarian charity, nor to “look after” someone in a paternalistic manner supposedly passive refugees. The people we meet at the camp and along the way are able to take care of themselves, and have their own structures of solidarity and mutual aid, and capacities to endure through the direst of circumstances which we can only learn from and be inspired by. We feel it is a gift to us to be able to share and create social space with them, hear their stories and learn about the experiences and perspectives of those whose structural oppression in this world is far greater than our own. We are aware that many people of us that are in solidarity have a safe status and don ́t have the same experiences of racism and illegalization as the people we meet, nor do we know what it is like to be forced to live lives where you are constantly “playing with death” (the words of one Afghani teenager we met), but we believe that we share some common desires: freedom of movement for all and an end to the European border regime of death. Our struggle aims to fight the institutions who keep up the current order: the European states with their repression apparatus. We, the No-Border-Kitchen-crew understand that what we are doing is a small attempt in the face of the enormity of destructive forces at work in the world today. But it is a real commitment of real individuals, it is one concrete effort among many, it is one piece of the puzzle of another possible world. We believe that all these efforts do make a difference and that they should be developed and expanded further. Our broader desire is to build relationships of solidarity and form new collectivities in struggle. Therefore we also connect with the local activist structures, with whom we share common struggles and hopes and who we support. We believe that by establishing networks in our common struggle, we can fight powerfully as a united movement and rise together against fortress Europe. United we stand, divided we fall. FIGHT FORTRESS EUROPE! NO BORDER, NO NATION! FOR THE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOR EVERYBODY AND EVERYWHERE twitter: @noborderkitchen

We have been active for 6 years, adapting our work to the ever-changing situation on the Island. Our core task at the moment is providing foodboxes on a weekly basis and providing clothes and shoes twice a month. We also do support some people with rent and assist victims of the far-reaching criminalization in Greece during court cases. We also use our social media ( twitter: @noborderkitchen, fb:, insta:@noborderkitchenlesbos ) to spread updates and information about the situation on the Island.

There are still around 1,500 refugees on the island of which about two hundred live in the city. It is important not to forget these people who are all trying in their own way to cope with the inhumane Greek asylum policy. In order to be able to continue our activities, we need donations. 

 This is why we are asking for funds to continue our activities.

Of every euro we raise,:

 -50 cents to the provision of weekly food crates

 -10 cents for gasoline and maintenance of our car

-20 cents goes to organizing activities such as clothing distribution and eating together

 - 20 cents to financial support (rent, small contribution, court cases) for some migrants to maintain a life outside the camp.

If you don't have access to a credit card, you can donate to this account:

Stichting Feniks

IBAN: NL40 TRIO 0320277216


Reference “NBK”

0 % of € 1000

€ 0 reached in total

-16 days left