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Marronage is resistance against a system that decides who is free and who is not. We are also an activist, anti-colonial journal based in Denmark and right now we need your support to print our next issue.

We published our first issue in March, on the centennial of Denmarks sale of the US Virgin Islands to the United States. Our second issue was released in June, and right now we have a collection of badass texts and visual contributions waiting to be printed in the third issue of your anti-capitalist, anti-colonial and norm-critical journal.

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Who are we

Marronage is a collective of feminists who all work for free when we edit, write or arrange events.

Our passion is to give a voice to people who are being silenced by the nation state or normative history-writing, and we want to continue to do so, as white supremacy unfortunately will not disappear with the 100th anniversary of the sale of the former Danish West Indies. For now, most of our texts are in Danish, but we plan on publishing English translations on our website in the future.

Our Goal

We want to- include("a") handbook with the third issue of Marronage: a handbook where we, together with our allies, such as Fælleskab for Kritiske Antropologer (Community of Critical Anthropologists) and Feministisk Kollektiv Uden Navn (Feminist Collective With No Name), provide specific advice on how to do Marronage in your everyday life. Guides detailing how to perform a call out or deal with microaggressions might help you the next time your coworker makes a racist comment. We want this handbook to be available for free in every community center and højskole.

However, we need your help, to print both the handbook and the next issue of Marronage.

Marronage #3 has everything from contributions by international feminists and anti-colonial contemporary artists to specific guides on how to be an anti-colonial killjoy. Our handbook includes detailed how-to guides such as; how to be a white ally, strategies against anti-blackness, raising children, how to deal with microaggressions, and how to combat racializing structures at your place of education.

Illustration: Halfdan Pisket

It is important to share resistance strategies, as this information is not available in schools or at the library. Please support our project by giving a donation or sharing this firefund with your friends.

The money will cover:

  • Printing costs for the handbook
  • Part of the cost of printing the third issue of Marronage

If we collect more money than needed, the rest of the money will cover printing costs for future issues of Marronage.

Forlaget Nemo distributes Marronage, and you can order it on their website. They ship to anywhere in the world. In Denmark you can find Marronage at Statens Museum for Kunst, Den Frie, Kunsthal Aarhus, Kleins Boghandel, Insula and Arbejdermuseet.

0% of €1600

€ 0 reached in total

-2389 days left