"I started my militancy at the age of 17, on a high school ticket, we were defeated, so I decided to take a keen interest in political issues in general.

Without the slightest notion of Marxism, I forced myself to read everything I saw in front of me, stories of revolutions and insurrections were what made me want to enter this world headlong. 

The following year, I met some people and officially joined the MPL (Movimento Passe Livre) in São José dos Campos, which is fighting for zero fares. In general, those who made up the nucleus were anarchists. This was my first direct contact with an ideology, to the point of calling myself an anarchist after reading the two volumes of "The Host of Anarchism". I took part in the organization of various actions against the fare in São José dos Campos, I trained as a militant, I organized and agitated, this phase lasted three years. 

But before the end of the MPL in SJC, after organizing and seeing giant demonstrations, almost weekly clashes with the police in SP/SJC, analyzing the whole context I was in and following the insurrectionary movements in Latin America, I came to the conclusion that violence is the main weapon in this game, both on the side of the state and the class.

Inciting, provoking and causing violence against the bourgeoisie and the state was my north at the end of 2014 onwards, I fed on content about creating homemade bombs, self-defense materials and explosives capable of destroying entire agencies, studying and elaborating tactics, translating guerrilla manuals, this whole phase of studies, preparation and violent intent led to isolated actions at first, I acted in an unpretentious way politically several times, until I felt safe to take these acts of vandalism as a political action and claim them with a manifesto."

He was expelled from the ranks of the Brazilian Communist Party on Christmas Eve 2023 on the charge of "creating anarchist tendencies in the Party's nucleus", an opposition liquidationist move aimed at stopping Pacheco and his direct action proposals. 

"The title given to me by the comrades who are accusing me was embraced by me in an ironic and provocative way, 'Anarchist' has been my alias, the party my reality, the revolution my north and my expulsion a phase."

Known on social media as "The Anarchist", today he dedicates himself to publishing a manual for combat and insurrection, in a country where the so-called "Revolutionary" left itself helps to pass and sanction laws such as PL 83/2023, which includes political motivation among the justifications for conviction for terrorist acts, an expansion of law 13.260/2016 responsible for the imprisonment of several people.

Insurgent Fighter's Handbook

If the history of society to date is the history of the class struggle, then let the class equip itself with the knowledge to fight back.

Let the struggle not be symbolic, as for the reformists, but real, as for those who suffer its effects on their skin, body and soul on a daily basis.

Rebellion is the path to liberation, organization is what turns it into a weapon.

Lucas Pacheco.

History of the Armed Struggle in Brazil and its legacy today.

Conjuncture Analysis.

Risks of action.


Introduction to Direct Action.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


2,000 euros - approximately 10,000 reais.

The manual will be printed independently and distributed on the internet in PDF format free of charge.

Initial intention to translate into Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Today, having lost his job because of his role in the struggle, Lucas Pacheco dedicates himself solely to the intention of revolution.

Contact: [email protected]

Instagram: @s7tmc (O Anarquista).

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