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Libertarian Atheneon of Volos, our social center (libatheneonvolos.home.blog), is a collective venture and runs, for a year and a half, against hierarchy, racism, sexism, nationalism and fascism.

After months of collective discussions we concluded that in the city we live in (Volos, central Greece) there was absent a social center which will promote libertarian values and thinking, and will attract people with radical thought who find crucial the values of grass-root organizing, equality, freedom and solidarity.

In our social center runs a libertarian library and reading space, and also an events place. Every month we organize events, movie nights, art exhibitions and a bazaar of libertarian books. So far in our center are accommodated a libertarian feminist collective and an anarchist collective.



So far the expenses of Libertarian Atheneon of Volos are covered by the contributions of Management Assembly members. During quarantine we became jobless, or in precarious working conditions. Thus we are asking for your support, so that the annual expenses (rent, bills, political and cultural activities etc.) of our social center are covered.

Our goal is 2200 euros and will cover part of the expenses of our social center for a year.

0 % of € 2200

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