Greenlandic activists are facing legal fees,

due to an action on the statue of Danish colonizer,

Hans Egede, in Nuuk.

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We are the group supporting the Greenlandic activists

Further info

Fight colonialism in Greenland

There was an action on the national day of Greenland on the statue of Danish-Norwegian Priest, Hans Egede. It was painted with red and white paint, a statement was written on the side, saying: “DECOLONIZE”.

The statue is placed on a mountaintop looking down on the capital of Greenland. Greenland is still tied to Denmark and the statue, for many, symbolizes the still inequal power relation between Greenland and Denmark. The activists are facing legal charges and will in that context need financial support for lawyers and fines.

0% of €7000

€ 0 reached in total

-1420 days left