Support families in North Gaza in the fight against their forced starvation

The occupation and the genocide in Gaza is ongoing and Israel is starving Palestinians to death.

After months of desperately searching for the most effective ways to support families remaining in Gaza, we, a group of people based in Athens, Greece, have found a way to send money directly to families in the North and Middle of Gaza through the sister of a friend.

Urgent Fundraising Appeal for Gaza Humanitarian Assistance

The situation in Gaza has worsened since October 7th, with over 1.9 million internally displaced persons and over 30.000 killed people. Remaining families are struggling to access basic necessities, facing hunger, sickness, and displacement. Many have lost their jobs, making it even more difficult to meet their basic needs. Aid trucks have only entered Gaza at 17% of the usual rate, leading to shortages of water, food, and medicine at unprecedented levels.

Prices for essential items have skyrocketed:

A pound of sugar: €45

A kilo of coffee: €95

Soybean oil, 3 liters: €25

Baby diapers: €60

Local olive oil, 3 liters: €45

A kilo of Egyptian rice: €6

A kilo of basmati rice: €9

A kilo of lentils: €6

Sesame tahini 250g: €10

Lipton tea box: €8.5

A kilo Egyptian apples: €12

Local vegetables: up to €15 per kilo

Our initiative is organizing weekly solidarity events and has reached families in the North with small amounts. With this fundraiser, we aim to target 200 families with each family receiving €200.

Redistribution must be part of your solidarity. Please donate and share.


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