HRT for all and for free

Bodily autonomy for trans people in the UK has been deliberately and cruelly eroded, to the point where over a quarter of all people taking HRT acquire it through the greymarket. Our liberation demands that this medication should be freely available for anyone, along with the support and information we need to make informed choices on our own healthcare.

As the state- and corporate-controlled gatekeepers make their approved pathways for transition more undignified and convoluted and unacceptably long, the numbers of us who rely on these underground sources will increase. We need to start working now on organising a resilient local networks to help people take their healthcare into their own hands with safety and confidence.

Decentralising DIY HRT

The gap in legitimised care is currently filled by a handful of HRT sellers who operate over the internet. The high demand and lack of accountability means that they have a financial incentive to make HRT at the highest rates possible, which can result in poor quality control and dubious sterilisation techniques. As DIY HRT has become more mainstream, there has been a worrying trend of scammers taking advantage of desperate trans people. Online traders have also vanished, leaving hundreds of people out-of-pocket. We need a more diverse and localised system to support people using DIY HRT.

Material support for trans people

We need funds for the following:

- organising trans people in their local areas to help each other navigate the acquirement and safe use of DIY HRT

- educating people who make DIY HRT for personal use about harm reduction

- medical advice and support for people who use DIY HRT

- chemical testing of HRT to check its purity

- preparing to resist any potential legal crackdown on DIY HRT.

This is a mutual aid project. To reach our long-term goals, we will need to ask for small donations from the people we support, but nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds. This fundraiser covers our upfront costs, and any surplus will go towards expanding and improving our project. Please keep sharing and donating, even if we have already reached the target!

We have done exhaustive research and have appropriate academic qualifications and experience to do this project competently.

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