Hangalakani Network: Spread!!!

This giving season, support horizontalist grassroots organizing in South Africa!

(Friends and comrades, please spread the following widely!)

Waste Pickers Movement Makhanda (WPMM) members and comrade Mzamani (in a black hat, brown shirt, and holding a camera) outside the Journalism Department, Rhodes University. November 11, 2017.

NGOs, electoral parties, and even radical organizations often reinforce the cycle of dependancy, where a few careerists dole out and control resources. This centralization is how neocolonial capitalist modernity maintains hegemony in the minds of the people! In contrast, "Hangalakani" means scattering seeds. This project is directly supporting networks of people building their own strength, not building the centralized clout of someone somewhere else to save them.

Hangalakani Ben Mabasa (1971–2018) in a village in Limpopo.

The network is named after a childhood good friend, Hangalakani, a recently deceased organic intellectual from village, who spent his precious midnight hours after backbreaking labor studying history and politics and sharing it with others.

Protest march against lack of basic services in Motsoaledi, Soweto. Organized by Motsoaledi Concerned Residents (MCR) in the early 2000s.

Over the years, Mzamani has helped found numerous organizations, such as Motsoaledi Concerned Residents (MCR), Waste Pickers Movement Makhanda (WPMM), and Ntirhisano Community Centre (NCC). Now, he will be expanding this network back to his roots in the villages of Limpopo Province. He has worked hard to gain postgraduate degrees but has not chosen to settle for capitalist labor; he is a full-time revolutionary.

Traditional mud house, where and in which comrade Mzamani was born and raised in the village in Limpopo.

"Capitalist hegemony has betrayed so many people in my village, myself included. That’s why I see fit to go back home to organise together with everyone in the same situation for generations to come, while bringing back real hope for everyone!" Comrade Mzamani.

  1. Transport from Cape Town to Limpopo: 100€
  2. Camera and laptop (organising equipment) maintenance: 100€
  3. Three months of organizing: 300€

Subtotal for Hangalakani Live Campaign: 500€

-50% of €500

€ -250 reached in total

-160 days left