Independent Political Art

in Saint Petersburg


Independent Political Art

in Saint Petersburg

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We are Studio 4.413 /a laboratory of alternative discourse and intersectional kinship based in St. Petersburg, created to shift art and activist communities. Studio 4.413 includes artists, human rights activists and independent media representatives from Russia and the post-Soviet space.

Our Vision

Studio 4.413 is a Saint Petersburg, Russia–based laboratory for alternative discourse and interspecies kinship created to rewire (trans)local art and activist communities. We program an open-ended field of mutational praxes and utopian theories without a uniform code or dominant form of discourse.

Our goal is to invent new language and strategies for interdisciplinary groupings that are adequate to today’s political situation, as well as to translate contemporary critical thought into the field of an everyday practice that changes habitual ways of thinking. We invite others to be complicit in our hybrid forms of interaction.

Our Structure

Our space combines the production, social reproduction, and distribution of art—that is, it includes studio space, living space for visiting residents, and performance/exhibition space. We exist as a not-for-profit, not charging for events and lending our space to friendly curators/activists with allied projects.

Our Context

We are in need of your support in order to keep developing meaningful projects focused on supporting the LGBT community, queer politics, anarchist communities, and inclusivity.

Russia is currently subject to Law 6.21 of the Adminstrative Code of the Russian Federation, which forbids “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations”, making conducting education and support projects among LGBT folks significantly riskier.

Our Work

The range of co-organized projects and events our space can hold is potentially unlimited: we host concerts, debates, workshops, laboratories, panel discussions, seminars, propaganda parties, exhibitions, lecture performances, and plays that hone in on activist/politicized artistic devices as they carry today’s critical/theoretical field into the field of practice.

What matters here is the search for variable interfaces and new language that allow us to bring together theoretical concepts “divorced” from individual empirical and sensory experience with praxis, rewriting a micropolitics of the everyday.

In Studio 4.413’s first year of existence, we have hosted such initiatives as:

  • Cargo 300, a play by Katrin Nenasheva of PsychoActive addressing issues of violence, torture, and the Russian state’s persecution of political prisoners
  • debates and panel discussions with anarchists and activists working on political prisoner support
  • embodiment laboratories for neurodivergent people and their allies
  • reading groups and seminars for volunteers in the fields of inclusivity and environmental activism
  • exhibitions that work to destigmatize neurodivergence and disability and deconstruct work ethics
  • support for independent art collectives who have been unable to find a place to represent politicized projects aimed at criticizing the government and ruling ideology
  • regular nonprofit educational projects at the intersection of contemporary art/philosophy/new political theory and activism
  • feminist events that build solidarity and agency within the post-Soviet space (with crisis support centers and feminist collectives)

Our Goals

For us, seeing this space develop would mean the open-ended possibility of creating an alternative matrix of agency. Our intention: to make contact between cities, regions, and countries. We envision this space as a space of interaction for motivated people from different geographical coordinates to connect in a friendly zone of solidarity, in free conditions.

We model our format as a residency for artists, activists, researchers, and others interested in the intersection of disciplines and media. The art/activism residency format makes no claims to a final product; it is aimed at engagement with a common informational and political field for articulating the current situation and developing ways of interacting and collaborating, i. e. for process-based, cooperative strategies with the goal of rewriting the political and social field.

In addition, we are gathering data for an art/activism cartography project, starting with similar locations that we already know of and that share our conceptual agenda. We expect our ongoing work, collaborations, and contacts made through residents to allow us to more systematically plot a field of similarly-minded people/spaces/initiatives that deal with contemporary problematics and are interested in collaboration.

We are currently looking to raise 2,000 euros, which will cover 4 more months of the studio’s work (rent and utilities), simultaneously:

  • covering living and travel costs for visiting residents and speakers
  • freeing up organizers to focus on curation and cartography and ultimately helping new critical thought and direct-action projects to emerge.

0 % of € 2000

€ 0 reached in total

-997 days left