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Ende Gelände 2019

Ende Gelände Sweden is mobilizing Scandinavian activists

for this year's climate mass action in Germany

- we need your help to get them there!

Climate activists are going from Sweden to the climate mass action Ende Gelände in Germany in June
- but we need your help to get us there!

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Ende Gelände Sweden is a diverse group of like-minded people, with a strong passion for climate justice and to bring an end to the fossil-fueled era.

Our goal is to mobilize Scandinavian activists for direct action against the fossil fuel industry - and to bring them to the action!

Since 2016 we have arranged transportation for hundreds of activists to take action, and we will continue doing so until the fossil fuel stays in the ground!

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As the largest CO2 source in Europe, the lignite industry in the Rhineland is destroying the future of people all over the world and our future generations.

We need to stand up to this!
In solidarity with the people from villages at the opencast mine, we will stop the destruction on site by traveling to Rhineland in Germany this June and block the coal infrastructure with our bodies. To get as many people to the mass action in a safe and fun way we are organizing a joint journey!


Our aim is to lease two big buses and travel from Sweden to the mass action Ende Gelände in Germany - and we need your help to make it happen!

The ticket payments by our activists will cover some of the costs, but we need a bit more to get us over the line.
€2600 will help us cover the costs for our buses going from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Anything above that will go to enabling activists in other parts of Scandinavia to go, as well as lowering the ticket costs for our activists.

0% of €2600

€ 0 reached in total

-1854 days left

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