Support the creation of co-op farms in Greece

Comrades are launching a project of co-op farms in Greece
with the aim of providing food to refugees and poor people.
The farms are on process and construction materials are needed
in order to finish them soon enough.

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We are a union of individuals called Union of Green Libertarians and we are centered around antifascism in the Greek countryside, ecological issues, anticapitalism, antistatism and feminism.

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Since the beginning of the Greek lockdown in March 2020 a lot of working class people lost their job and were forced to stay at home with unemployment benefits that were half the amount of the wage while expenses remained the same. At the same time homeless people were given fines due to not wearing masks and policing in the country rose to the high sky.

In the sight of all these a few comrades came up with an idea: creating co-op farms to provide food and shelter to those in need. Since November 2020 we got to work, cleaning up some fields we had and replacing the wild flora with potato and tomato plants, fruit trees and we also got some animals from which we exact consumable products: eggs, milk, and cheese (not meat though, we do not plan of slaughtering any animals).

Within each farm of the two farms (one is placed in Thasos, the other in Galatista, Halkidiki) there will be a small cabin for people who want to spend their days creating art, reading, or helping with the farmwork and also on small library with reading material. The plan is to create an autonomous place where people can spend their days away from the grim daily life in our capitalist world, while simultaneously showing solidarity to the oppressed people in every corner of the world.

The farms will be autonomous, off-grid and eco-friendly with small solar panels, DIY small wind turbines and homemade biogas providing the energy needed. We plan on buying fueled generators because weather in Greece is unpredictable. Water is stored from rain and nearby streams, however climate change has reduced the annual amount of rain and thus we need more barrels to store water for the very dry summer season. There is also the case of the lack of antifascist cells within Greek countryside. Since vast majority of anarchist and autonomist collectives are gathered in urban centers, rural Greece is left without any reaction to the reproduction of the ruling class’ ideology.

Young people are being brainwashed by conservatism, nationalism and patriarchy both at school and at home. We plan on creating places where people are free to hangout, come in contact with us, talk and learn of our ideas, escaping from the false dipole of conservatism and liberalism.

Now, for the crucial part, what we need the money for is mainly for construction material, large barrels, tools and generators. There might be need for other stuff, but we will update as soon as this need appears.

For this project to come into reality, we need your support. Comrades who take part in this project are working class folk with limited amount of money to pledge and until now we worked with what we have. Helping us will accelerate the process making, finish the project sooner and become able to show solidarity in action.

0% of €1500

€ 0 reached in total

-1112 days left