Kurdistan Solidarity Brigade

19th of July brigade is planning to travel

to Makhmur city and refugee camp in Bashur (Iraqi Kurdistan),

our aim is to Support, Learn and Make Known

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The 19th of july brigade is an international solidarity project initiated by a group of young activists of Madrid. We sustain the Kurdish cause and, in general, the search of peace and social justice in the middle East.

The 19th of July is an extremely important date for the region of Rojava: It is the day of its declaration of autonomy from the Syrian state, back in 2012. Another 19th of July, in 1936, the Spanish people rose up agaist the fascist coup d’etat. In 1976 the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua definetly undermined the military dictatorship of Somoza.

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Nowadays the Kurdish movement is facing a genocide led by the Turkish state and the open war to ISIS. In spite of that, the democratic revolution on a social, economic, ecologic and women’s liberation front continues to progress uninterrupted and energetically. Our will is to positively contribute to the Kurdish movement, and for this our intention is to approach it on site, in the city and refugee camp of Makhmur, Bashur (Iraqi Kurdistan).

Our goal is to create international solidarity spots with those people who are fighting against the same global order. To internationalize the conflict we want to let it be known and lay the bases of a fraternal solidarity.

In more than 40 years the struggle and resistance of the Kurdish people combined with its actual experiences regarding democratization, popular self-organization, women’s liberation and ecological sustainability are making of this movement an example for the people and the initiatives which are seeking for a social change all over the world.

For all this we propose to:


The transformative experiences are used to face the violent reaction of the constituted powers. The authoritarian Turkey and the ISIS in Syria constitute a threat for the Kurdish people and movement. International solidarity could empower the local forces and help them to get through this situation.


Every political conflict assumes an ideological and communicative battle. We side with the Kurdish movement and we bet on contribuiting to the internationalization of its conflict. By learning and obtaining contacts on site it will be easier for this conflict to gain presence in the public sphere, as it occured with the Palestinian, the Saharauis and the Zapatista cases.


We desire to acquire both theoretical and practical contributions of the Kurdish movement which could be useful to create transformative movements in our contexts.

It’s not about solving the Kurdish problem, but about facing questions on a global level. In this case we believe that the Kurdish political proposal could be an instrument that would give a solution to globalproblems like the ecological crisis, social injustice, women’s discrimination, colonialism and the state-nation model.


Kurdish people are a really welcoming and once in Makhmur we will be hosted by Kurdish families. In any case, we still have some other expenses like:

  • Flight tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Small unexpected expenses
  • Kurmanci translator

0% of €2500

€ 0 reached in total

-2520 days left

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