Support a grassroots activist in launching a mass solidarity path

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I’m now 49 years old, the co-founder of Ntirhisano Community Center (NCC), and currently organizing in grassroots communities in Cape Town. I grew up in a rural area where I was born into a working-class family. I have a passion and experience in fighting for socio-economic and political justice. My mission is to organize across the country and in Africa. I intend to start in previous grassroots communities I worked with in Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown) in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng (Soweto), and Limpopo provinces and in Swaziland. African Landless and Anti-Privatisation Movement in Soweto by Motsoaledi Concerned Residents

Almost 20 years ago, comrade a.k.a. Mzamani envisioned a solidarity movement across communities, unions, and nation-state borders, and with your support and his commitment, this journey is possible.     

a.k.a. Mzamani (bearded with a bald patch and backpack) during Mostoaledi informal settlement service delivery protest he organized in Chris Hani Rd, Soweto. 2002

Comrade, a.k.a. Mzamani (the author), is an experienced grassroots activist, having participated in the struggle to topple the apartheid regime and fighting against neoliberal policies in the post-apartheid establishment. Also, I used to organize with the pro-democratic movement in one of the autocratic neighboring countries in the 2000s. I used to travel using hitchhiking methods sometimes with no money. Besides participating and leading in militant political activities from the late 1900s to the late 2000s and currently, I have also initiated numerous grassroots community projects, including grassroots newsletters. 

a.k.a. Mzamani in the community farm he started in Motsoaledi informal settlement, Soweto. 04 February 2007

Based on these experiences, it became clear that organizing across the country, neighboring countries, and across Africa is key to solidarity movement to fight divisions within and across grassroots communities. I have experience in grassroots community projects and how they advocate themselves leading to mass solidarity aspects.

The map indicates places across the country and the neighboring country where Mzamani will travel back and forth for grassroots community organizing. Mzamani is currently based in Cape Town and where he's busy with grassroots community organizing.

0 % of € 8200

€ 0 reached in total

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